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6 Month HTFU Anniversary!

Hey everyone! Today is our 6 month Anniversary of coming into physical HTFU :')

We've been pretty quiet on our blog, mainly because we've transitioned updates to our YouTube channel, Twin Flames Gabe & Briana :)

But in honor of our 6 months Anniversary, I did want to make a post :)

Life changes BIG time when you come into Physical HTFU. Here are the 5 Things that we found to Change When You Come Into Physical HTFU:

1. You Go from Living Life as an Individual to Living Life as One: You've returned to ALL of you. It's enormous emotional and mental expansion, and you must now honor this new way of being. No more storming off to do things "on your own" - Lol. Best just to surrender and recognize yourself as a whole team in all areas of life now.

2. You Require More Rest and Support: Because you've returned to All of You, you can now give SO much more than ever before. In order to give so much more and maintain this next level of giving, you must receive even more rest and support than ever before. Receiving a reciprocal amount of rest and support will help you be and stay sustainably in this next level.

3. You Relearn True Relationship: The Twin Flame relationship is one of pure unconditional love. Soul mate patterns like abuse and co-dependency have no place here, so they gotta go. We've found we've needed to almost entirely relearn what true communication, true relationship, true love really is with each other.

4. MASSIVE UPHEAVAL! A LOT of anger comes up to be cleared. I (Briana), felt soo much anger my first 6 months to a year in HTFU, because I was finally getting what I knew I deserved all along while previously in "separation." Now that Gabe is here, it's felt safer for me to finally feel and acknowledge this desire and let myself move through the deep sadness here. Just my personal experience. Shaleia talks about this a bit when Josh & Marlee come into HTFU:

5. You Become Like a Child Again: You're not just catching up on years and lifetimes lost with your TF, you're healing massive trauma from your childhood and teenage years. It's a total return to innocence.

Check out more detail in our YouTube video:

Hope this is helpful for everyone!


Gabe & Briana

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