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Welcome to My Harmonious Union Diary – March 15, 2020

Welcome to My Harmonious Union Diary!

I'm Briana Manalo, Certified Ascension Coach and student of Jeff and Shaleia Divine, True Twin Flames and Spiritual Gurus of Welcome to my new blog series, ❤️My Harmonious Union Diary❤️! Many of you probably noticed that I started this blog nearly a year ago with the intention of sharing my journey with you all. I've clearly had this idea for a long time now, to share the private details of my healing journey with the world, but I still had many blocks and upsets to work through before I could feel comfortable sharing on such an intimate level, particularly around vulnerability.

Well, I'm proud to say I've incinerated those blocks and am so happy and thrilled to be announcing this new series! 😎

Hopefully soon I'll have the courage to turn this into a video series 🥰

Before I go into Things I'm Healing This Week, it's probably best if I define what Harmonious Union is to all my readers:

🌸Harmonious Union is Soul Union. It is the permanent marriage of two into one. This is when, at your core, you and your Twin Flame live one life together.🌸

– from Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff & Shaleia Divine

Harmonious Union is a state of being. In fact, it's your natural state of being. It's the promise of all of Jeff and Shaleia's work - Harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame. It's a real fucking thing, and at the time of this writing, 30 true Twin Flame couples have attained Harmonious Union per the work of Twin Flames Universe and counting.

Why Does Everyone Want Harmonious Union?

Again, Harmonious Union is your natural state of being. God created everyone with a counterpart, with their true Twin Flame, and it is in this state of being where you naturally feel most comfortable at your core. The fact is, you're already in Harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame at your core, but you likely have blocks to believing this and instead operate under the belief that you are separate from them. Here are two quotes about Twin Flames and Harmonious Union from Jeff & Shaleia's book that summarize the concept very well:

"You both are already created whole and complete in Divine Perfection as One (like the yin yang symbol), and your journey back to each other is only ever about recognizing that truth."

"Once again, you and your Twin Flame are already complete and whole in Perfection, and your primary block is releasing the belief you are separate in any way from your Twin Flame."

– from Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff & Shaleia Divine

We live on planet Earth where separation is currently the name of the game. What I mean by that is, the majority of people are operating under the belief that they are separate from their Creator, separate from God, separate from the Divine (feel free to use whatever name you wish). That's why everyone is essentially miserable. Because they feel separate from God, with whom being with is their primary purpose for being.

Harmonious Union with your True Twin Flame is an Ascension path back to God, and boy oh boy, does your Twin Flame kick your Ascension path into high gear, Lol.

By that I mean, because you are One at your core, your Twin Flame knows you inside and out. They see Divine You, the real you. So, your Twin Flame is meant to trigger in you all the shit that you're holding onto (fear, separation, ego, all the crap you don't want). They trigger you, oftentimes without them even realizing it, because they love you. Being with your Twin Flame is being with ALL OF YOU.

Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover, Best Friend, and Partner in Life. No one is as perfect for you as your Twin Flame, because you both were created and designed very deliberately by God to be together forever.

Being in Harmonious Union is recognizing there is no one for you but your true Twin Flame and accepting the simple fact that you desire to Ascend with them, to live Life on Earth as One with them. It is understanding that their triggers are designed to bring you into deeper levels of Love and accepting your Perfect Divine Love Life.

For me, for example, my Twin Flame is always insisting that I Love myself deeper. He's always triggering the shit out of me, in deeply loving and deeply compassionate ways. He knows me, he sees me, he IS me at our core. So, choosing to heal everything he triggers in me by using the Mirror Exercise (the core exercise Jeff & Shaleia teach) is of my and my Union's enormous benefit.

Clearly, I could go on and on about this topic, but for the sake of this first entry, I think that's enough information on Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You should really just get the book, you're going to own it someday, might as well be ahead of the curve and start absorbing Divinely Perfect Truth of your being now.


Also, Note, Just So We're Clear:

Because everyone always asks, my Twin Flame and I are not talking in the physical right now.

But that really, really doesn't matter, because it's an inner journey first. The external doesn't matter one bit. In fact, many of JSG's students have had false Twin Flame experiences up until the very night of their HTFU. It just doesn't fucking matter how it looks on the outside.

And also, that's the beauty of this series - you get to watch me go from not talking to my Twin Flame all the way into Harmonious Union with him😍🥰 How loving and Divine and Perfect is that?!


Things I'm Healing This Week:

1. Vulnerability!! My Ascension Coach Cristina Fernandez helped me get ultra-clear this week on my core block to Harmonious Union: vulnerability.

The block here is that I've been accepting the lie that vulnerability is weakness, when in fact, it's quite the opposite. Vulnerability is strength. But I've been hesitant to go to that place within myself where I believe vulnerability is weakness because I don't want to accept my strength/power. If I were to accept my strength/power, that would mean that I have the power to change my life and subsequently be able to accept my HTFU, which I am still resistant to accepting. But here is where I can make a new choice! I choose to let go of resistance. I choose to accept that vulnerability is not weakness, it is in fact strength. And I choose to allow myself to be vulnerable and love all of myself. And so it is, amen. 🥰

2. Worthiness!! This is an upset I've been steadily healing in layers. Sometimes when I feel like my HTFU is close, I find myself getting angry or resentful. JSG talk about this in the TFAS class where Marlee & Joshuah come into HTFU – anger is very normal to feel before coming into HTFU because you're mad you "went without it" for so long. Like jeesh, why didn't I have this sooner, why did I have to be so miserable for so long, why was I without God for so long?! But the Truth is I couldn't accept it sooner. It had to happen to this way, and every step and upset I've healed, while maybe not always enjoyable at first, did always reveal itself as deeply meaningful for me. It's really about the journey and the deep meaning you find in every step (another fantastic Church of Union sermon by JSG).

And the Truth is I've always been in HTFU, I've never left. So I've never been abandoned and I've never been without. And it's okay to feel all my feelings as they come up here. It's okay to love myself completely in this space and recognize my perfect, untarnished worth. ❤️

3. Foundation: Time Management I remember one time, JSG said that the majority of people will come together with their true Twin Flame in HTFU as a natural result of mastering their Life Purpose and finances/money. I remember reading their words and thinking, "Oh, that's going to be me too."

In order to fully pursue my Life Purpose, I have to feel supported. In order to feel supported, I have to heal having a solid foundation. This includes financial foundation (money, steady income), physical foundation (home, cleanliness), and basically everything that supports my Union.

The major element of my foundation that I've been healing this week has been time management, and feeling like time is on my side instead of working against me.

In Divine Truth, time isn't real, it's just an illusion. It's just a facet designed to help you master Life on Earth. So, I've been letting go of feeling like time is bad, and accepting it's actually an excellent tool for me right now, especially as I master being present with myself in all moments and building a structured life filled with all the things I love.

At this point in my Life, I have a lot going on. I'm committed to multiple Life Purpose related pursuits and need consistency and structure to perform my best. So, focusing my energy on healing time management is of enormous benefit to my Union.

And that's it! Those are the highlights for what I've been healing this week.


Hope you all enjoyed! Tune in soon for another Harmonious Union Diary entry! 😍😍

💖All My Love,💖


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