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Divine Love 3-Card Reading

Perfect for those seeking deeper insights on their Twin Flame journey!


The Divine Love Three Card Reading will bring you the message the Divine and your Twin Flame's higher self want you to know at this time. This beautiful and Divinely channeled card reading provides powerful insights and next steps for progressing on your journey. 

You will receive your reading within 5 business days of purchase. Your reading will be sent to your email as a PDF.



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Abundance is a normal and natural component of your Twin Flame Union. Gabe and I have always enjoyed a high wealth vibration in our Union and desire to share our knowledge and experience with others.


Using the cards and fantastic book "Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlocking Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose and Prosperity" by Prema Lee Gurreri, we will channel 3 cards that help you tap into your Sacred Wealth Code. These are emotional archetypes that help you identify tangible, qualifying characteristics of how you best magnetize and create wealth for yourself. 

The King, the Magician, the Celebrity - each card is unique unto itself and will help expand your consciousness so that you may see a fuller picture of yourself in your full wealth vibration. Included will be practical, recommended action steps for how you can best apply the lessons of these archetypes to your life, as well as sound financial and career-related tips. Highly recommend!


Sacred Wealth Code

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Divine Love Tarot Spread

Our richest Tarot reading to date! In this premium product, you’ll receive clearly channeled insights regarding what you are moving through in your Twin Flame Union as well as what your Divine counterpart is experiencing, in addition to angelic guidance and clear direction. This spread is designed to compassionately move you through even your most challenging blocks to Love and will be timeless, so you can continue to refer to it for healing throughout this lifetime. Your spread is will include:

•Hand-selected Tarot and Oracle cards as channeled by the Divine to best demonstrate the story of your Union, your blocks to love, and rich insights to help you heal.

•Divinely channeled quotes, passages, or Divine phrases to assist you in your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

•Divinely channeled analysis from expert Twin Flame Coaches.

•All readings are 100% channeled from Divine Source. 


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