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Divine Union Reading

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Divine Love 3-Card Reading

Looking for deeper insights on your twin flame journey?

The Divine Love Three Card Reading will bring you the message the Divine and your Twin Flame's higher self want you to know at this time. This beautiful and Divinely channeled card reading provides powerful insights and next steps for progressing on your journey. 

You will receive your reading within 5 business days of purchase, and it will be sent to your email as a PDF.

Divine Love Three Card Reading (PDF): $33.00

Have blocks to your Harmonious Union but not sure where to start? The divinely channeled Divine Union Reading provides the perfect guiding light forward.

For every reading we create, we feel into the energy of your Union, determine your current blocks to love and customize it completely 100% to your unique Union.


 Your reading will take no longer than 7 business days.


Divine Union Reading (Video): $66.00





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Sacred Wealth Code

Abundance is a normal and natural component of your Twin Flame Union. Gabe and I have always enjoyed a high wealth vibration in our Union and desire to share our knowledge and experience with others.


Using the cards and fantastic book "Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlocking Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose and Prosperity" by Prema Lee Gurreri, we will channel 3 cards that help you tap into your Sacred Wealth Code. These are emotional archetypes that help you identify tangible, qualifying characteristics of how you best magnetize and create wealth for yourself. 

The King, the Magician, the Celebrity - each card is unique unto itself and will help expand your consciousness so that you may see a fuller picture of yourself in your full wealth vibration. Included will be practical, recommended action steps for how you can best apply the lessons of these archetypes to your life, as well as sound financial and career-related tips. Highly recommend!

Sacred Wealth Code Reading: $77

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Divinely Channeled Monthly Subscription Reading *BESTSELLER*

Weekly readings from Master Certified Ascension Coach Breann Price were absolutely essential in Gabe's and my coming together into Union.

During our year of friendship just before Union, we would so often email our readings back  and forth to one another and marvel at how similar the themes were each week in our healing, not yet realizing how close we were to our Union!

It is from this place of deep fondness, appreciation, and knowing how much deep value it brought us and our Union that we offer this service to the world.

Once a week, you'll receive a Divinely Channeled One-Card Reading for what you are currently healing that week in your Twin Flame Union. On your selected day each month, a Monthly Forecast 3-Card Reading detailing themes for your healing that month will be sent to you. Subscribe now to Monthly and cancel anytime, or invest in the Yearly subscription and save $84! You will be AMAZED at the transformation you undergo throughout the year as you heal deeper and deeper into Love. Recommended: Yearly for consistent and strong healing support.

Monthly: $44

Yearly: $444 (Save $84!)