"I received the most amazing healing session from Gabe and Briana. Immediately I felt their warmth and compassion from the start. I resonate very much with their story as I am also in a same sex Twin Flame Union and working towards healing into my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Gabe and Briana beautifully held space for me as I worked through my feelings and provided incredible guidance based on their own healing. I am so grateful for having shared this time with them and I felt so much lighter, clearer and at peace. Thank you so much Gabe and Briana! God bless you!"

- Aazhen M.

“Had the most amazing coaching session with Briana where she touched core pains and issues that she gently released. She is very intuitive and gifted with pure love like an Angel. Thank you.” – Mihaela W.

“Where do I start ! 3-4 sentences doesn’t quite cut it. Briana is a breath of fresh air. Very understanding, compassionate and knowledgeable. She listened to my confusion and brought out my hidden fear and took me on a journey that left me feeling more content and peaceful than I have felt in a very long time. There were tears, a bit of laughter and a lot of love. I can honestly say I really didn’t expect a lot would come from a 1hr session but I’m glad I was privileged to have had such an amazing and beautiful experience. I can’t thank you enough Briana. It was an Amazing and Beautiful Experience!!! Love to you all including me.” – Tracie N.

“The Divinely Channeled 1 Card Reading that I received from Briana was absolutely gorgeous and spoke straight to my heart. The message that she delivered was very timely and exactly what I needed in that moment. I immediately felt the power of love that was channeled from God through Briana. My favorite part of the reading is the Accompanying Decree; every time I read it, I feel my heart expand with so much love and healing. I highly recommend loving yourself by investing in a Reading or Session with Briana. She is such a loving and nurturing soul. Much love” – Breann P.

“I just wanted to share that my healing session was so amazing! Briana walked me through the ME for my specific upset. Briana was so patient with me. She held space for me to heal and I am happy to say that has lifted more of the weight. Thank you so much Briana. You were amazing. I love you!” – Racquel F.

“Briana’s reading for me really opened up areas that I needed to focus on. I knew they were there but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what they were and Briana’s reading gently guided me to those places. It is a really beautiful reading that I will surely come back to time and time again. I really feel how divinely guided she was during this reading, divine energy shines through it.” – Alexandra Y.

“I just wanna share my session experience with Briana Manalo, it was a blessing from God. She’s profound. It was like you’re in kindergarten, full of joy, safety, security, serene, colors, and a lot of love. She was the teacher and I was the baby who was so happy, full of color and life. Thank you sister, I support all the way, and may God fill your life with a lot of love.” – Lu S.

“I had a one on one session with Briana! I can not explain enough with these words how thankful I was to have this time to connect with her. She was so very kind, warming, loving, and nurturing. Even though we did not know one another, she made me feel at ease …is was like I’ve known her forever. Everything was explained with great detail as well. The mirroring technique we did together was very effective. With her guidance I was able to reflect and release emotions. Briana is someone I would definitely love to turn to for future sessions. The sincerity in her hurt and the love she expresses for others is truly amazing! I hope she knows how impactful she was, and just how much she has helped me!” – Ashley L.



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